I could just let him die you know?

This blog was actually created to rant about video games and talk about my writing.
Nothing special or differentiating from the rest of the crap around the Internets.

Just hope that during the course of all this I learn something with the hate comments, the trolls and the hate mail.

Onward to the post!

I'm writing a fantasy novel (crap) and by now my worst problem is this; I had one of my MC - that means "main character", for those of you who're not amazing writers like myself - in a terrible fight with a huge dog and it made all the sense in the world to, well, let him die in the paws of the beast!

Lets face it, he's a wimp, and in my opinion, a very boring know it all type. And wimps, when faced by 30 cm razor sharp claws, tend to die a little.

Now I went on the internet forums, asked my best adviser (the wife) and thougth about it long and hard, and since this was the very beginning of the story I said to myself -

"No, he shall live. I shall redeem upon him an other chance on life, for he shall make for his mistakes so far!"

One feels kinda powerful when one lets someone live. Even if that someone only exists in one's mind.

But now, a few pages later (I'm really slowing down on this writing business, have some ideas on the why though), he's still very ill from the fight and maybe, just maybe, he won't make it through after all.

I think I'm actually going to kill this boring ass mofo. Just hope the bloody story can survive without one of the MC.

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