I haven't really worked it out yet

I haven't really decided if he's going to live or die yet, but things aren't looking good. He's in the middle of nowhere facing his antagonist.
Should I call him that? Its complicated really. This things always are.

Of course I'm not going to tell you guys my final decision. Its too big of a plot point to actually give it out in some random blog post.(Karlín lives)

He's name's Karlín by the way. Remember that name, he's going to have a epic death, or a epic life... maybe both? Did I mention there's some sort of zombies in it?

And at least one kind of werewolf. Not really a werewolf, a lycantrophe of sorts.

There's no vampires though. *queue for gasp*
Yeah I know, there goes the hollywood mansion and the yatch, but oh well, I still belive that the integrity of the story shouldn't be compromised by the pressures of the market.

Old fashioned and poor little me.

I have a few ideas about how I'm going to run this show(now I mean the blog) and I'll implement them through the next weeks, lets see if I get my viewers up or down.

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