I think I like the wrong person

As you brilliant people might have figured out by now, this will be a journal of my work on my very first novel.

But there must be some things you clever chaps don't know yet. If you do know everything, stop me now.

If you're but a simple mortal like so many others, you might be in the "I don't think I know shit" category. And let me tell you, that's an amazing sparkly-pony-riding category.

So let me introduce you guys to what's coming.
I'll try to post everyday, and I'll try to write everyday. But! For many's astonishment, I do have a day job(for surviving and game paraphernalia purposes), and a very time consuming one. And right now I'm actually a student by night too.

So yeah I looked around and tougth to myself "best time ever to start a blog and write a book".

All points to an epic fail on all accounts, but I'll try anyway.

About what really brought your twinkly screen glared eyes down this aisle;

I just had a very interesting encounter in the story. (doesn't have a name yet, if you guys have any suggestions go ahead and comment about it) The main characters encountered the main antagonist after a very eventful and daring escape.

You guessed, the antagonist got to them. His name's Núbiel by the way (I guess in English that reads «Nu-b-elle») and this antagonist guy is actually one of my favorite characters in the whole story. He is very twisted, full of inner conflicts and packed with very natural layers. The Karlín character and he's friend also have a few layers but Núbiel; that little bastard just writes himself!

How do I deal with this fact, that the antagonist is actually a better character then the heroes? Well from the books I've read and the writing articles I stumbled upon, that's pretty common, but I'd be delighted if I could hear your take on this.

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