Scene - The fools deal

-- // --

- Don't you want to play with me anymore?
- No, I'm tired.
- That's unfair, we just started.
- But I'm tired.
- All right, don't worry. But you have to get used to play a little bit longer. For instance, in a little while, before the sun rises, we'll have to focus on that little block there and push it, yes?
- But that's not playing at all.
- You're right, it isn't.
- Yeah, it isn't. Are you trying to fool me?
- No, of course not Talín, you silly boy. I would never try to fool such a smart little boy.
- Are you buttering me?
- Where did you learn that word?
- I don't know, are you?
- Do you know what that means?
- Its when you say good things about someone just so they do what you want.
- Close enough. - Silence - Yes Talín, I'm buttering you up.
- All right, I'll push the stone.
- Thank you.

-- // --

This is an whole scene and the original is in my native thong. Portuguese.

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