To my audience

This tittle is funny because it could have 2 meanings.

First meaning being, I have about 2 readers, and one of them is my wife. So I'm taking the internets by assault like a poorly designed biologic weapon.

Second and true meaning; My book is divided in about tree great themes.
The action; the fights, the mages, the dragons, the terror.
The politics; the morals, the ethics, the analogy to our own world.
The relationships.

All of them are pretty usual for a High Fantasy novel. (did I mention it was High Fantasy? I think I did) I'm not trying to go Literary Nobel here, and I don't delude myself with the idea that I'm touching some issues or approaching some angles that haven't been approached before by better writers.

But every inch of those themes are a little bit of me. My choreographies, my political views and worries, and my deep feelings brought to life by the relationships between my characters. And I must say the last is the one I'm having more fun with.

Of course the fights are always fun to deal with, but that's a very small endorphin injection. I have fun writing the scenes itself. But when it ends, I just feel I could have a snack and move on with life. Like a good orgasm.

But the relationships. That's something that is present in every page, in every thought.

One of my favorites is about one very twisted man, and a kid. The kid's Talin and the man, well... the man I can't really say who he is....

The beauty about this is that I can actually feel things I never had to feel in real life, and I can see how other people would deal with those feelings.

I've read a lot of times that characters tend to come to life and take over them selfs in the story.
Never believed it.
Always thought that was hyper-sensible bullshit.

Now Núbiel has me by the balls and Karlín is making me dance to his tune at arrow point.

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