Coudln't write shit today...

Terrible productivity today.

I had to create a little routine to get some writing done, so I arranged 3 times to write during the day.
Before coming to work, about 30 minutes
During lunch time, about 40 minutes
And after work/school, which ranges from 2 hours to about 15 minutes.

Today, I didn't write shit in the morning.
I didn't write shit during lunch time.
And since I have class until 23h I guess I won't be writing late at night either.

I couldn't write. I stared at what I had written yesterday and just couldn't move on.
Its not a plot-line problem, I know exactly what happens next. Its a known fact that if you free-flow you'll be more prone to blanks and freezes, but in this case the plot for the next entire chapter its pretty laid down and I just have to bring the rough ideas to life with details and entanglement.
Couldn't do it.

Dunno why.

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