Not so Off topic

I know it seams off topic, but honestly, it is not. Hope I can transform my words into at least a 1/10 of what Charlie said in this text.

This is the original version and I have a little something I always think after hearing this.

I would love to be smart enough to understand what really makes my brain electrify and jolt and my whole body tremble when I hear this kind of speech.

The message and the delivery its beautiful and full of hope, and maybe we are programed but still not well prepared to answer to those things. Goosebumps are actually a primal answer to fear and/or rage, like cats to put their back hair up when attacked or attacking. Since this gives me goosebumps, maybe I'm afraid of indulging such beautiful thoughts. Or I'm enraged by how far we are of this kind of reason.

Now the goosebumpnaiter.

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