Ode to Cara Mia

Anyone else feels a little too emotional with Cara Mia.

Not in the moment, cause when you're there, you're in awe. You're swearing your first born to Valve's command. You're in pure gratitude for the piece of genius you were allowed to share, and in anger for it has come to an end. (and we all know deep down, that for as much as we would love to, Valve does NOT count to 3 do they?)

I mean, a few months after actually finishing the game. A few months after you felt all that, and you downloaded the Portal Soundtrack Volume 3 and get it rolling on your mp3 player, and its late at night, you've been deep in work and tougth for a while.
And then Cara Mia comes in.

Don't you just feel a little too emotional.

Nice. Very Nice.

And what about the use of opera on video games soundtracks. When the video game demands it, and the sound crew has the skills for it, I think its a freaking beautiful thing.

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