Scene - The fools deal

-- // --

- Don't you want to play with me anymore?
- No, I'm tired.
- That's unfair, we just started.
- But I'm tired.
- All right, don't worry. But you have to get used to play a little bit longer. For instance, in a little while, before the sun rises, we'll have to focus on that little block there and push it, yes?
- But that's not playing at all.
- You're right, it isn't.
- Yeah, it isn't. Are you trying to fool me?
- No, of course not Talín, you silly boy. I would never try to fool such a smart little boy.
- Are you buttering me?
- Where did you learn that word?
- I don't know, are you?
- Do you know what that means?
- Its when you say good things about someone just so they do what you want.
- Close enough. - Silence - Yes Talín, I'm buttering you up.
- All right, I'll push the stone.
- Thank you.

-- // --

This is an whole scene and the original is in my native thong. Portuguese.

To my audience

This tittle is funny because it could have 2 meanings.

First meaning being, I have about 2 readers, and one of them is my wife. So I'm taking the internets by assault like a poorly designed biologic weapon.

Second and true meaning; My book is divided in about tree great themes.
The action; the fights, the mages, the dragons, the terror.
The politics; the morals, the ethics, the analogy to our own world.
The relationships.

All of them are pretty usual for a High Fantasy novel. (did I mention it was High Fantasy? I think I did) I'm not trying to go Literary Nobel here, and I don't delude myself with the idea that I'm touching some issues or approaching some angles that haven't been approached before by better writers.

But every inch of those themes are a little bit of me. My choreographies, my political views and worries, and my deep feelings brought to life by the relationships between my characters. And I must say the last is the one I'm having more fun with.

Of course the fights are always fun to deal with, but that's a very small endorphin injection. I have fun writing the scenes itself. But when it ends, I just feel I could have a snack and move on with life. Like a good orgasm.

But the relationships. That's something that is present in every page, in every thought.

One of my favorites is about one very twisted man, and a kid. The kid's Talin and the man, well... the man I can't really say who he is....

The beauty about this is that I can actually feel things I never had to feel in real life, and I can see how other people would deal with those feelings.

I've read a lot of times that characters tend to come to life and take over them selfs in the story.
Never believed it.
Always thought that was hyper-sensible bullshit.

Now Núbiel has me by the balls and Karlín is making me dance to his tune at arrow point.


The blank page dread

Oooooooh the blank page dread.

A new chapter, the cursor blinking mockingly at the end of the first line "Chapter V - ". I don't even have a name for it, and I shouldn't! I don't need one to keep writing the story! But it seams like it will force me to pick one. But I won't, I'll return and try to start the story, again.

But there it is. The blank page. Indifferent, silenced, judgemental. Every word I put down on such a candid sheet will look like a smudge. There's no context to hide it, no stream to carry it.

The dreaded blank page.


Finally finished chapter IV.

I'm not keeping any rule for chapters or anything, I just kind of feel when a mini aristotelic narrative starts, develops and ends, and when that happens I tend to wrap up the chapter.

Before starting writing I searched the internets to see if there were rules for chapters, since I never really noticed any rule in the books I read. Turns out there isn't one, there are books that have chapters with nothing but numbers (Coupland) and that's a chapter for them.

Now I'm actually going to abandon two major characters for what must be an whole chapter. Everything that's going to happen in the 5th will be around 5 characters.

Núbiel, Talin, Nucla, Laurent and ... well... It doesn't really have a name yet, I guess I'll only know it's name when it presentes itself.


I think I like the wrong person

As you brilliant people might have figured out by now, this will be a journal of my work on my very first novel.

But there must be some things you clever chaps don't know yet. If you do know everything, stop me now.

If you're but a simple mortal like so many others, you might be in the "I don't think I know shit" category. And let me tell you, that's an amazing sparkly-pony-riding category.

So let me introduce you guys to what's coming.
I'll try to post everyday, and I'll try to write everyday. But! For many's astonishment, I do have a day job(for surviving and game paraphernalia purposes), and a very time consuming one. And right now I'm actually a student by night too.

So yeah I looked around and tougth to myself "best time ever to start a blog and write a book".

All points to an epic fail on all accounts, but I'll try anyway.

About what really brought your twinkly screen glared eyes down this aisle;

I just had a very interesting encounter in the story. (doesn't have a name yet, if you guys have any suggestions go ahead and comment about it) The main characters encountered the main antagonist after a very eventful and daring escape.

You guessed, the antagonist got to them. His name's Núbiel by the way (I guess in English that reads «Nu-b-elle») and this antagonist guy is actually one of my favorite characters in the whole story. He is very twisted, full of inner conflicts and packed with very natural layers. The Karlín character and he's friend also have a few layers but Núbiel; that little bastard just writes himself!

How do I deal with this fact, that the antagonist is actually a better character then the heroes? Well from the books I've read and the writing articles I stumbled upon, that's pretty common, but I'd be delighted if I could hear your take on this.


I haven't really worked it out yet

I haven't really decided if he's going to live or die yet, but things aren't looking good. He's in the middle of nowhere facing his antagonist.
Should I call him that? Its complicated really. This things always are.

Of course I'm not going to tell you guys my final decision. Its too big of a plot point to actually give it out in some random blog post.(Karlín lives)

He's name's Karlín by the way. Remember that name, he's going to have a epic death, or a epic life... maybe both? Did I mention there's some sort of zombies in it?

And at least one kind of werewolf. Not really a werewolf, a lycantrophe of sorts.

There's no vampires though. *queue for gasp*
Yeah I know, there goes the hollywood mansion and the yatch, but oh well, I still belive that the integrity of the story shouldn't be compromised by the pressures of the market.

Old fashioned and poor little me.

I have a few ideas about how I'm going to run this show(now I mean the blog) and I'll implement them through the next weeks, lets see if I get my viewers up or down.


I could just let him die you know?

This blog was actually created to rant about video games and talk about my writing.
Nothing special or differentiating from the rest of the crap around the Internets.

Just hope that during the course of all this I learn something with the hate comments, the trolls and the hate mail.

Onward to the post!

I'm writing a fantasy novel (crap) and by now my worst problem is this; I had one of my MC - that means "main character", for those of you who're not amazing writers like myself - in a terrible fight with a huge dog and it made all the sense in the world to, well, let him die in the paws of the beast!

Lets face it, he's a wimp, and in my opinion, a very boring know it all type. And wimps, when faced by 30 cm razor sharp claws, tend to die a little.

Now I went on the internet forums, asked my best adviser (the wife) and thougth about it long and hard, and since this was the very beginning of the story I said to myself -

"No, he shall live. I shall redeem upon him an other chance on life, for he shall make for his mistakes so far!"

One feels kinda powerful when one lets someone live. Even if that someone only exists in one's mind.

But now, a few pages later (I'm really slowing down on this writing business, have some ideas on the why though), he's still very ill from the fight and maybe, just maybe, he won't make it through after all.

I think I'm actually going to kill this boring ass mofo. Just hope the bloody story can survive without one of the MC.

first post

First post.

Lets see how long I'll be able to keep this up.