The good guys and the bad guys

I don't know if I have either one and I'm actually sort of worried about that.

I have characters, who I try to describe as plausible and realistic as possible. And even though when I started this I had a perfect idea of who the good guys and the bad guys were, right now, I don't think its that simple.

And I don't know if that's an issue either.

Since the begining of the project, when I had to decide my target demographic, I opted out YA and Children. Even though I'm writing fantasy, I had a very noble but deeply foolish ideal of contribution for the positioning of high-fantasy in the adult world, not just in the sense of an hobbieist fetish, but in the broader sense of literature. With its philosofic and introspective notions.

Of course I'm probably being childish and conceitad, to think that I can change the place fantasy has earned in this few late years and break it with the big boys like Lovercraft, Sir Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaimen, who very much proved that high-fantasy can, if intelegently designed, be a very serious business.

But never the less, here I am, trying to write a good adult HF novel. And the particularity of mature literature(Mature is not only a sexual sinonym, trusth me) is that it doesn't spell it out to the audience. It doesn't have to play with easly identifiable stereotypes so that his audience feel more compelede to empathise with the characters.

This is a very touchy subgect, since it seams like I'm describing young adults as simple minded. That's not what I mean at all. And I have to explain this before I get my first hate mail.

What I mean with «Young Adult Novels», its more of a theme, a brand, a method, than the actual readers. YA novels are known for having a very similar structure and very proven rules and recipies. Children read them and adults read them too, but they are called Young Adult Novels.

So I kinda put them into a method, not a demographic.

I was doing the same with my description of my project, I don't want it to obey those rules and recipies, I wanted it to be a mature, challenging and rule bending book.

And the first rule to do that, its by giving characters personality, ideas and actions that go way behond the abstract notions of good and evil.

I have a lot of questions about this:
Will it work?
Do I have what it takes to make it good?
Have I any idea of what I'm getting into?

Hope so, cause all of my characters, they are nothing but people..... and monsters..... and there's a thing that is made of wood, don't know if that counts..... I'm gonna shut up now.